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Concentrate On Your “Done” List

So often at the end of the day we wonder, “What went wrong?” We had our “to do” list. We even blocked out the time we were going to do each task. But, at the end of the day we can plainly see that quite a bit of it did not happen. We may feel bad about this.

This is where we need to take a hard look at out “done list.”

I have advocated for quite some time that after we make our “to do” list we should pick out the big 3 and be really happy if we accomplish or at least start on those 3. So, on my list for today I would have chosen:

  1. Work with client

  2. email clients

  3. outline presentation

However, yesterday my son asked for help getting a computer and I didn’t think that would take very long. Today would be my best day to do it so that became #4.

Now, I always like to get my blog out on Tuesday so that might be a #5 but I know this is not crucial as I can work on it later in the week.

Other small tasks I work in when I have the time between the big 3 or 4.

But, as we know, life happens. I had a phone call from a social worker who wanted me to consider working with a hoarder. This became a very long call. My trip with my son took longer than I anticipated. Another client called and wanted me to locate a computer she had given me to recycle – she wanted it back to check on something. There were other important emails to handle besides the client follow-up emails.

The outline of my presentation and my follow up emails to clients did not happen. But, I did a lot today that moved my business forward. This is my today’s “done list.” This is where I should make my focus. I feel good about today as I reflect on all that I did get done. I think I’ll stop work a little early and read a book as my reward.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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