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Concentrate On Your “Done” List

This is where we need to take a hard look at out “done list.”

I have advocated for quite some time that after we make our “to do” list we should pick out the big 3 and be really happy if we accomplish or at least start on those 3. So, on my list for today I would have chosen:

  1. Work with client

  2. email clients

  3. outline presentation

However, yesterday my son asked for help getting a computer and I didn’t think that would take very long. Today would be my best day to do it so that became #4.

Now, I always like to get my blog out on Tuesday so that might be a #5 but I know this is not crucial as I can work on it later in the week.

Other small tasks I work in when I have the time between the big 3 or 4.

But, as we know, life happens. I had a phone call from a social worker who wanted me to consider working with a hoarder. This became a very long call. My trip with my son took longer than I anticipated. Another client called and wanted me to locate a computer she had given me to recycle – she wanted it back to check on something. There were other important emails to handle besides the client follow-up emails.

The outline of my presentation and my follow up emails to clients did not happen. But, I did a lot today that moved my business forward. This is my today’s “done list.” This is where I should make my focus. I feel good about today as I reflect on all that I did get done. I think I’ll stop work a little early and read a book as my reward.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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