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I am grateful for a lot of things but high on my list is my family. My family is very supportive, and I know if I had a need, they would be there for me as I would for them.

This past week I was blessed with a visit from my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson Oliver. I got to see Oliver, who does a great impersonation of an elephant using his arm as the trunk, see his first live elephant. I got to watch him develop his pouring skills in a small pool on my deck, and I got to introduce him to the joys of ice cream.

I also had real quality time with my son, Ben, and his wife, Kellie. We got to catch up on all that was going on in our lives, exchange menu and recipe ideas, and just talk, talk, talk. I loved it!

Although it will be a while before I get to see them again in person, they are great about doing Facetime and I usually get at least one long chat a week and keep current on what is going on in their lives and Oliver’s newest milestones. He is now 20 months and it seems he is learning new things daily.

I have also had contact via emails and Facebook with my sisters, brother, and various nieces and nephews. This past week my husband had a pacemaker put in and a follow up biopsy for a neck cancer. We have had a lot of encouragement and follow up with both his side of the family and mine.

Next month I look forward to visiting my sister, Ann, who lives in Florida and my brother, Jim, is trying to schedule a visit here in October. My husband’s family are planning on coming here for Thanksgiving. I know that we all live very busy lives and I am grateful that we take this time for each other.

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