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Importance of Time Commitments

It has happened to all of us. Our dishwasher breaks down or our furnace needs servicing. We schedule an appointment. We are told that the service person will be there on a certain day between 8:00 and noon. Sigh! That means that we must take at least ½ day off work or we must be up, dressed, and ready to meet the service worker by 8:00. At 12:10 they show up and begin to work. This may take another hour or so. It is so frustrating, but you know the routine. This is probably not your first time around.

Let’s learn from this.

When we make a time commitment to someone else, let’s be prompt. Not early. Not late. If something comes up and we know we are going to be late (car breaks down, need to help someone with an emergency) it is imperative that we take the time to let the person counting on us know what is happening as soon as we know. I will call any client or friend if for some reason (wreck on 285) I am going to be more than 5 minutes late. This way the person can use that time while they are waiting. I will also try to make it up to that person by staying later (if appropriate) or helping make it up in some other way. It is important that the person knows that I recognize that their time is valuable.

The same is true if we make a time commitment to ourselves. If this is the day and hour we have set aside to work on the newsletter, clean out the pantry, or get a pedicure then that time should be honored. If something pressing happens and we must change our plans, then those self-commitments should be rescheduled. Our plans and our time is important. We are important. To give up time I have scheduled for myself because someone else wants to reschedule an appointment is not something that should be done routinely. Yes, if there is a true emergency on their part, I will certainly reschedule a pedicure. But, if they just want to reschedule so they can go to lunch with a friend, then, no, I will not. They can then choose if they want to cancel and reschedule or try to rework their lunch date.

Time is a precious resource. By showing that you value your time and other peoples’ time you are showing respect. Time is life itself. Don’t belittle it.

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