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Impulse Spending = Clutter

You need some face powder. Your favorite brand is having a sale. You spend so much (about $10 more than the face powder) and you get this lovely cosmetic bag filled with free samples. You think – “I could use another lipstick.”- so off you go happily to the cosmetic section of your favorite store. Now, you have your powder, a lipstick you don’t need, and a bag with cosmetics that were not on your needs list. Hmmm. That is not a terrible thing, until you put your bag in your bathroom closet and notice that you have about 10 other bags there – mostly full – of previous “free” gifts.

You go to your favorite clothing store. They are having a sale. If you buy two shirts the next one is free or 1/2 off the regular price. Lovely! You bring the shirts home and try to squeeze them into your closet. You notice that you have quite a few shirts already in the closet with tags still on them. Oh, and you found a pair of shoes that fit you perfectly and were soooo cute. So you bought them in 5 colors.

You go to the grocery store. You have a coupon that will give you $1.00 off if you buy 10 cans of soup. You can also buy one bag of salad and get the next one free and there is a package of 25 rolls of toilet paper that looks like such a bargain!

Are we getting the picture here? Don’t buy what you don’t need or love.

Don’t stockpile foods that you don’t have room to store or that will pass its expiration date before you use the items. Having enough space to put your purchases away without crowding allows you to keep an inventory of what you have. It will also prevent waste and buying items because you have lost track of what you already have in stock.

Don’t buy items unless you know how you’re are going to use them and where you are going to put them. Impulse spending leads to disorganization and clutter, not to mention a strain on your pocketbook.

Think before buying that next great item.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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