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Lemons to Lemonaide or Pecan Tree to Mulch

This was a sad week for me. The huge pecan tree that has sat in my front yard and partly on my driveway since I bought this home had to be taken down. Due to damage done serveral years ago when another tree fell on it, pulling the power line on it, and causing a fire that burned for hours, a huge part of the tree had rotted away and was now unsafe. This tree made my yard and home cool in the summer. This tree had been home to many birds and squirrels. People stopped to pick up the pecans and chat. At one point in my life I had placed a ceramic wizzard in the tree and the tree had grown around the wizzard. I always smiled to think of my wizzard living in the tree. But, the tree had become unsafe. My home and my neighbor’s home could be badly damaged if it fell. There is a time and season for everything and this was the time to say goodby to my tree. I had a wonderful arborist helping me. Gerry Korzi of Valley Crest Tree Care Services, , gave me a lot of advice and support. He went way beyond the top with his service. He found someone in Clarkston who sold firewood and made sure that this person got the wood so that it could be used and not end up in landfill. He asked the crew to chip what wood they could and leave it for me as mulch. The crew cleaned my yard and my neighbors yard. Everyone was so professional and kind. As many of my clients know- it’s hard to let go of things you care about, but sometimes one must just shed a quiet tear and look to the greatest good. Goodby tree.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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