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Master Bedroom Zone

If you are following along with the zone plan, this is a good month to organize and clean the master bedroom. As you work in this area, moving into the summer season, you can really evaluate all of your clothes to see if they still are what you love and what you need. Start with your vision for this room. How do you want the room to look and how do you want to feel when you are in this area? I want my room to have a soothing, calming look. I like soft light yet enough light to read by. I want my clothes all to have designated places where I can get dressed easily in the morning but I don’t see them. I am allowing myself 3 weeks to organize this room. Recently I had some redecorating done to make the room feel more peaceful and intimate. Now it is my turn to get into the room with an action plan and make it work. This week I will work on the wall with the closet and long dresser. I will empty them and sort all of my clothes. I will purge anything that no longer fits me, anything that is torn or stained, and anything I no longer love or need. I will take all off season clothes and move them to another location and pull in any summer clothes I have stored elsewhere. While the closet and dresser are empty, I will give them a good cleaning. Next week I will work on the wall with the bed, window, two small tables as well as the wall to the left of the bed that has no furniture. I will also clean the fan that hangs above the bed. During this week I will evaluate all reading materials that have stacked up on the tables. If they have hung out there for a while and not been read, it is time to move them on out. I will also clean all the bed linens including the duvet cover and mattress pad. The last week I will do the wall with the tall dresser and some art work. I will pull all the clothes out of that dresser and see what stays and what goes. For my reward for finishing this project, I will go shopping with a friend to replace some of those tired items that I threw away. I will buy fresh flowers and just stand back and admire my peaceful, well-organized room.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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