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Organizing by zones

It feels like keeping a house organized and clean is an impossible task. You look in a closet and cringe. Your kitchen pots and pans huddle together in a jumbled mess under the counter. You are embarrassed to open your front hall closet to hang up a guest’s coat. I have found a system that takes the stress out of this organizational mess. It is called the Zone Plan. The first step of this plan is to divide your house in to 10 zones. The home office might be one zone. The kitchen could be another zone. Next assign each zone to a month. Write the zones at the top of the month on your active calendar. Why 10 zones when there are 12 months? Ideally I like December and July not to be months that I am deep into organizing and cleaning. Also I like a little “wiggle room” if I get behind schedule. When the month begins, take all the organizing/cleaning tasks for that zone and write them on the days of your calendar. At the end of the year every bit of your home has been organized and every item in your home has been touched.

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