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Organizing for a New School Year

It’s time to begin that new school year. It is always an exciting time and so full of potential. To make the start of this year as smooth as possible, set up some organizational plans now.

Check on needed school supplies

  1. Study the school supply list and see what you already have

  2. While in the process of buying supplies, put them in a container for each child and write their names on supplies as appropriate

  3. Load up the backpack with the supplies with your student and assign pockets in the pack for different supplies

Set up a study zone

  1. Find a consistent location that works best for your student

  2. Put together a basket or container of all items your student will need in order to complete assignments

  3. Keep a calendar nearby to track projects and school events

  4. Determine a home for the backpack in this zone

Incorporate school papers into your communication center

  1. Have a school folder for all papers that need action – such as a signature or an event

  2. Add to your contact folder all necessary school contacts for the year

Have a family meeting to set up new routines

  1. Develop checklists for daily and weekly chores

  2. Determine best time of day to do homework, chores, laying out clothes to wear, packing lunch, and packing up the backpack

  3. Set up a family calendar for everyone to log in any event – school or otherwise

Now go out for a special treat and celebrate new beginnings!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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