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Organizing Paper Work to Sell My Home

I am planning on selling my home. As an organizer, I decided to research what paperwork I need to gather and organize in order to make this happen with a minimum of stress.

I certainly am planning on using a realtor to guide me but the more I can accomplish ahead of time, the less stress I will have because of scrambling for certain documents on demand. I am aware that if I am missing any documents it could slow down my progress.

Items that are necessary:

  1. Original sales contract for my home with the purchase price

  2. Property deed that shows legal ownership of my property along with the original title search and title-insurance policy

  3. Professional appraisal done when I bought the house and any changes I have made to the house since that appraisal

  4. Home repair and maintenance records

  5. Mortgage and financing documents

  6. Records regarding my homeowner’s insurance

  7. Property tax records – these will also provide the buyer with such information as the schools and other tax information

  8. If I belonged to a homeowner’s association, I’d need all related documents

Also nice to have:

  1. Home inspection papers to show the structural integrity of my home

  2. Manuals and warranty information on major appliances that will be part of the sale

  3. Utility bills to give prospective owners an idea of the utility costs

I will start right away putting together folders with all of this information. Right now I am having even more work done on my home to improve its value and will keep these records as well as the name and contact information of the person doing the work.

If you have been through this process and have some suggestions to make, I would truly appreciate it.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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