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Organizing the Spare Bedroom/Bonus Room

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Spare bedrooms or bonus rooms can have multiple purposes. Before you start your organizational process, be clear as to your vision and purpose for this zone. Is it mainly for guests? Do you use it as overflow storage for supplies and off season clothes? Is it your craft room or office?

My spare bedroom is for the occasional overnight guest but it is also offsite storage for my office, a place to store my memorabilia, and storage for off season clothing. My vision for this room is to have an open and inviting space for guests. I want my storage spaces easily accessible but out of sight. I want to feel drawn into this room and feel calm and happy when I enter. The door is always open.

Once you are clear on your vision, note how the reality is not matching up to your vision. Make a list of all that needs to happen to make your vision real. I ended up with new items to store in an already packed full storage closet. In order for this zone to work for me, I had to first clear everything out of that closet and purge items that were no longer needed and consolidate containers for the items that were kept. That action opened up enough space to store the new items that had been brought into the room.

My other storage area in this zone is the dresser. By pulling everything out and doing a sort, I was able to reduce some items (did I really need to keep that Christmas sweatshirt that I have not worn for 2 years?) and give each drawer a purpose. Off season clothing, memorabilia, gifts and holiday cards now all have their home.

I use a zone plan to organize and declutter my home. This means that during this month, I am focusing on my spare bedroom zone. I will not focus on this zone for another year. Therefore, besides organizing this area I will also do a deep clean. All surface areas will be cleaned. The drawers and interior of the closet will also be wiped down. The bed will have all the linens cleaned and the windows and window treatments will get cleaned. Everything you would do in a spring clean gets done now in this room. Note that a lot of extra tasks happen in this month so it is important that time is allotted on the calendar to get all of this accomplished. Next month will have a new zone. After this month only maintenance cleaning will happen in the spare bedroom.

By the end of the month, I will have this room matching my vision for the upcoming year. I will celebrate by putting fresh flowers on the dresser.

For help in setting up your zones, purchase my workbook – From Vision to Victory: A Workbook For Finding a Simple Path to an Organized Home.

For year long guidance in working your zones in your home, sign up for my Zone Plan Coaching sessions.

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