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Quick! Where does it go?

Sit back and look at your desk top. If it looks like mine right now, it would make a good “before” picture. Daily it is a struggle to conquer the mess on the desk. Yes, I know and I preach that every task should be put away before the next one begins. And often I do just that but sometimes …….. I have action files and that does make clearing my desk much easier when it does look like this. Everyone’s action files or desktop files may have different headings. Mine are:

  1. Read

  2. File

  3. Do

  4. Pay

  5. Pending/waiting for

  6. Communicate

I also have my calendar, project bins, a trash can, and a shred box in the office. So here is what I recommend. Set the timer for 15 minutes and put every thing on your desk in the correct spot. Now what might be on a desk and where might it go? Always think what will be the first action with that item.

note scribbled on post-it note from last phone call – File client info about rescheduling a session- calendar then File notice of a committee meeting – calendar then Project bin info on upcoming workshop I might want to attend – calendar then Pending invite to a party – calendar then Pending ideas for newsletter – File phone message from auto shop – Communicate notes from potential clients – Pending ideas for an article – Do solicitation for a new credit card – Shred credit card bill – Pay article pulled from magazine – Read CD from workshop – Read (yeah I know, but that’s where I would put it)

Now the desk is clear. I don’t need to worry about forgetting items because all crucial items were first posted in my calendar.

What is on your desk? Quick! Where does it go?

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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