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Storage Shed or Dumping Ground?

Usually in September I revisit our storage shed. If I pick my days, it can be cooler than it has been, and the promise of fall is in the air some mornings. It is time to stash summer equipment and reevaluate how this zone is used.

The storage shed is not attached to the home and it is so easy just to open the door and dump items there. I hardly see it at all. In fact, I often send my husband off with the task of “Will you take this to the shed for me? Just put it on the workbench and I’ll take care of it later.”

When working on any organizational zone project the first step is to evaluate what is working and not working in the zone. What is the purpose of this area? Do you want to:

· Park your car or your bikes

· Store recycling

· Store tools

· Pot or repot plants

· Work on projects

· Store extra products you have stocked up

· House off season items

Next, decide on the zones within the shed. Where will the yard care items go? Where will the items used for summer fun and entertainment go?

Bring everything out. I usually do this by wall so as not to get overwhelmed. Group like items with like. Note what is broken or has not been used this year. Decide if you really want to fix it (and if so when) or if you are sure you will use items in the future. Get rid of items you no longer want.

Knock down cobwebs and clean each area before putting items back.

Items that are used frequently are best stored near the entrance. Seldom used items or items you will not use until spring should go to the back. As you put back items, look for containers to hold small items together. A clear shoebox without the lid can hold gardening gloves. A flat basket can hold small gardening tools. Use shelves, pegboards, hooks, and nails to keep items off the floor. I like to use a large garbage can to hold rakes, hoes, shovels, etc. Avoid stacking containers because, for sure, you are going to want the box that is on the bottom. Label any containers that are not obvious.

Once you get everything replaced in your reorganized storage shed, you will be amazed at how much room there is.

Stand back and admire your reorganized space.

Reward yourself for a job well done. A hot shower and a cool drink might be just the thing.

If you would like to have assistance with your organizational project, contact me for help.

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