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Summer Freedom

Summer is often a time when our schedules shift. Our expectations change. I tend to slow down in the heat. I like to lay claim to some personal freedom. I love to be able to enjoy some spontaneity but I also need to have routines to ground me.

I use routines to block out my schedule so that I can see when I can have the luxury of doing fun activities. Leaving some empty blocks on my calendar can be very exciting. I keep in mind my personal energy levels and try to schedule difficult tasks when I am at my peak. Some afternoons and evenings are better times to leave open while it is usually work as usual in the mornings.

I have a bucket list of things I would like to accomplish during the summer. I love to give a summer party. I like to have some times to have lunch dates with friends. Usually during the rest of the year, our work schedules prevent this luxury. I like to take in some outdoor concerts. I enjoy going to the Botanical Gardens. I love just sitting on the deck in the evening with my husband. I enjoy a mini-vacation or two. But I do still have to plan and schedule in order t feel great about doing these fun activities. Life and work does go on in the summer, even if it is at a slightly different level.

I am looking forward to a wonderful summer with all the extra freedoms that good planning allows. Pardon me while I go out on my new deck for some downtime.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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