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The Calendar Is Your Friend

This is the time of year that things can become crazy busy. If you live with others, it is not only crazy busy but can become stressful. This is why, right now, you need to have a family meeting (and if it’s only you – still call that meeting).

Find out what everyone’s obligations are for the next two months. Write them on the family calendar. If there are conflicts, negotiate now. Now add in the fun things that people want to do like go to the Botanical Gardens at night to see the lights or go to the Nutcracker or go caroling with the choir. Let everyone have their say. Get dates on the calendar and put someone in charge of getting tickets or making reservations.

Next, decide what family traditions are happening and decide who will do what when. If a party or big Thanksgiving meal is part of the plan, write on your calendar all the tasks that take extra time to make this event happen. If you are sending out cards, write in when the cards are going to be written and addressed (same thing for invites if you are giving that party). If you are doing a lot of holiday baking, schedule on your calendar when this is going to happen. Schedule the time to buy the tree and greenery or decorations. Schedule the time to decorate and un-decorate the house and yard (which may be several dates if you are decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If gifts need mailing, put on your calendar when you plan to buy the gifts, wrap the gifts, and mail the gifts.

Now look at your calendar. Remember that regular day to day chores are probably not on this calendar. Is this what you want for your holidays? Is there anything you can give up?

Once you are satisfied with you plans, just follow the plan. There is no need to stress or worry about when things are going to get done because you have that planned. Do leave some wiggle room though because you know unexpected opportunities will crop up.

Your calendar is your friend. It will help you get through this busy time without the worry of if there is time to do everything. Don’t let the calendar become a bully though. Things on the calendar can be changed if everyone involved agrees.

Enjoy your holidays!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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