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The Challenge

Here is my challenge. I have a closet in the spare bedroom with some clothes and some of my business items that I rarely used stuffed in it as well. Now I have also brought in more items from the office. I want my office to be open and uncluttered so I have purged some items from that room but I still need them. I have chosen items and files that I rarely use as well as extra printed material to also store in this closet. I have also brought some tools that I occasionally use on jobs that have been stored in the coat closet in my living room. I want this closet to be well organized and easily assessable. I want to be able to pull out my drill without moving other items to get to it. I want to be able to look in my presentation files without bending over. I want my storage boxes to be labeled so that I don’t have to open and look into the brown boxes to see what is in them. I have made a plan and have bought the shelving. This week will be the challenge of making my plan work. I know that the clothes must go elsewhere and I have a plan for that. This closet will just be for my business. Stay tuned for the next update

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