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Using the Zone Plan – Your Master Bedroom

For organizing and decluttering my home, I use a zone plan. Every month I choose a different area to clean, declutter, and organize. In May, I concentrate on the master bedroom.

I always start with a vision of the room. Since I married in November, this year there are two of us forming this vision. We want this room to have a soothing, calming, and supportive look. We want to feel relaxed and happy in this room. We like soft light yet still desire enough lighting for reading. We want our clothes that are stored in this zone to have designated places that make it easy to dress and do laundry and not clutter our sleeping area.

We are going to make some changes in the current setting. We intend to paint the walls a softer color and are changing the art work and accessories to meet our vision.

We will sort through our clothes and get rid of every item that we do not need, love, or that does not currently fit. While dressers and closets are empty, we will deep clean them. We will clear extra clutter off of surfaces in order to have breathing room and to place new, meaningful accessories. We will evaluate all of the reading material that has stacked up and not been read. All of the bedding will be cleaned and aired. The windows and blinds will be washed so that the sun can stream in. The fan and air vents will be cleaned as well.

As a reward for finishing the bedroom zone, I will buy fresh flowers, stand back, and admire our clean, uncluttered space. I know we will sleep well here.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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