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On-site Organizing

Time Space Organization (TSO) provides onsite assistance organizing your home or office space along with time management techniques. We will help you develop zones in your home office that will increase your productivity, improve paper flow, reduce clutter, and simplify filing.

Other zones we help organize:

  • living areas

  • kitchens

  • bedrooms

  • closets

  • art and craft rooms

  • storage areas

We organize any part of your home that you want to transform. We help you develop a vision of how you want these areas to look and feel, design a plan to make this vision come true, and walk you through the steps of following that plan.

TSO also helps with time management issues by:

  • analyzing how you currently use your time

  • taking large projects and breaking them up into small attainable tasks

  • helping prioritize tasks

  • developing management skills using a calendar

Time Space Organization has years of experience helping clients with ADHD challenges.

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