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Time Space Organization (TSO) provides onsite assistance organizing space, paper, and time management techniques in any area of your home or office. We have experience helping clients with ADHD challenges.

Do you have a small area in your home – a “hot spot” – that constantly backs up? Do you feel you can conquer this area with advice, tips, and ideas? We now offer virtual organizing sessions where we develop and walk you through a personalized organizational plan.

Jonda Beattie delivers fun, informative, motivational presentations to individuals and organizations. Topics include paper or time management, downsizing, surviving holiday stress, and home or office organizing. She also offers specific workshops for educators and social workers.

To discuss topics, booking opportunities, or media appearances, please contact Jonda at 404-299-5111 or by clicking on the contact page.

Organize Your Workshop Video

TELECLASS - The Zone Plan

The Zone Plan: A Method for OrganizingYour Home is all about setting your vision, developing a plan, and implementing that plan to make your home truly become the place you love. This program is powerful, yet affordable. For an investment of $450 you will receive twenty teleclass calls and ten 30 minute private coaching calls. Call today: 404-299-5111


“Jonda spoke at my Freelance Forum meeting. As creative people we are not always as organized as we should be. Her topic, "I Don’t Have Time for Time Management", was perfect for us. I was impressed with her ideas and the way she presented. Her presentation was lively and engaging. I would definitely recommend her.” - Brenda 

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