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Tips for Fall

Reorganize parts of your garage or workshop</strong>. Put summer yard tools and games to the back and move up winter items. Get rid of summer items that are broken or that you did not use.

- Bring patio furniture into the shed or garage during winter. Before storing, make certain that everything is clean and dry to prevent mold and mildew damage.

- Reorganize your kitchen. Put away warm weather items such as ice cream makers and bring forward crockpots. Clean out your pantry and toss expired foods. Any foods you have in your pantry that you have not liked or have in excess, donate to a food bank.

- Rework your hall closet. Pack up summer hats and bring forward gloves and winter ware. Purge summer items that were not worn and make room for winter coats.

- Pull out holiday decorations, and put away in the same storage boxes some non seasonal decorations. This will keep your surfaces from looking cluttered.

Autumn Leaves.jpg

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