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Tips for Summer

Summer is a great time to organize the kids’ rooms. They are home to help and can learn the important organizational ideas of sorting, purging, and labeling.


When taking summer pictures download your pictures after each event and title the folder so that you can easily locate the prints. Delete the bad ones as you go.


Summer is travel time. Have you every forgotten to pack something for your trip?  Store in your suitcase a folding umbrella, travel size toiletries, any travel only items, and a packing checklist. The checklist can be in a plastic sleeve and kept in the suitcase. It is also a great resource to check when repacking to come home.


Keep anything you might need for the road in your car trunk and you won't have to worry about storing it in your home. Examples: maps, beach blanket, folding chairs, car first aid kit.


“Jonda Beattie of Time Space Organization provides creative solutions to organizational challenges with efficiency and humor, all the while staying within budget. The results will free up your time and maximize your space!”


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