Tips for Spring

Now we are getting our yards ready for summer-keep all your gardening supplies in one place and organized by task (plant, water weed, harvest). Label all containers.


When changing over your closets for summer, do a rapid sort. Make 3 piles. One for the clothes you have worn last season and like.  These will be ones you definitely keep. Make a second pile for the things you didn’t wear- maybe they are the wrong size or you just don’t like them. This would be the pile to get rid of. Have a third pile for the items you are not sure about. Maybe there was just not the opportunity to wear them last year.  After the rapid sort and looking what you already have in the keep pile, go through the third pile again. See what you can part with.


When decluttering closets, cabinets, and drawers, keep them less than 80% full. This allows you to see and access everything easily and allows room to add something without having to completely reorganize the space. Go with the rule one in and one out.

Take time to sort through your medicine/first aid cabinet. Check expiration dates on such items as sunscreen, bug repellent, or other items you have not used in over a year.

Field of Chrysanthemums

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