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3 – 2 – 1 Blastoff! Merry Christmas!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Wow! Christmas is coming up fast. Here are some quick holiday survival tips:

1. Keep your spending in check. Have a list and a budget. Keep tight reins on impulse spending.

2. Do not over commit. Have a family meeting and decide what events are going on the calendar – and be sure to write those events on the calendar.

3. Set priorities. You can’t take advantage of all the opportunities for the season. Check in with your vision of a perfect holiday and choose wisely. Save some time just for you.

4. Make a list. Keep a master list of all you want to accomplish. Put holiday chores like baking, sending cards, and shopping on your calendar as well as the events you plan to attend. Don’t just write the chore down, but also block out how much time you think the task will take. By looking at all of this on your calendar, it can save you from trying to commit to too much.

5. Combine errands. With your list in hand pre-plan your errands.

6. Delegate. Ask for help from family and friends or hire help for some chores.

7. Streamline and simplify. Eliminate all traditions you don’t enjoy. Don’t put out every decoration you own (remember they will all have to be packed up and put away later.)

8. Take care of your self. Rest, exercise, eat right, and treat yourself to something you love.

9. Donate. As you bring out holiday items and winter clothes or clean out your pantry, share your excess with a local charity.

10. Breathe. Enough said.

Enjoy this holiday season.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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