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A Clean Desk

A clean desk cues you that work is going to get done. There are no distractions to take away your focus. The clean area on your desk commands your attention. Keeping your desk clean is a constant battle. Think of your desk top as prime real estate. Whatever is on that desk should be something you use daily. Keep your office supplies close by. Drawers and pencil caddies are convenient ways to keep often-used items handy. Keep files, paper, and other resources that you use on a daily basis within arms reach. If your desk has drawers, the items can go there. Otherwise, have a bookcase or shelves within reach. Organize your current projects into folders, files, or binders. Take time to label each project. These can be stored on a nearby shelf or in a tub or container near your desk. Pull out only one project at a time and then restore it to it’s home before pulling out the next project. This keeps your desk clear of all but the current project but makes it easy to find your next project when you are ready for it. Keep your desk clear of excess personal items. It is good to have one picture or a flower to make you smile, but not so many things that it begins to eat into your working space. You should also pay attention to the floor space under or around your desk. This is an easy place to dump clutter. These distractions will only hinder your from your goal of keeping a clean desk. With your desk area clean you will have more time and energy to devote to more important tasks.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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