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A Plan for Cleaning and Decluttering the Master Bedroom

Spring is a great time to organize and declutter your bedroom. It’s great to make clear, clean spaces for the sun to shine in.

When I start to work on any zone in my home, I start with a vision. As I share this room with my husband, it needs to be a shared vision. We want this room to have a calming, relaxing feel and be a place that sparks joy and happiness. We like soft light but still desire enough light for reading. My husband meditates here so the room should have an uncluttered, peaceful feel.

I use the whole month to work on this zone and so divide the tasks into four sections, one for each week. I schedule time on my calendar for myself and for working alongside my husband.

During the first week, Rob and I clean out our dressers. We take out every article and toss out anything that is damaged and put into a donate box anything that does not fit or that we no longer enjoy wearing. I change out my heavier tops that were stored in a drawer with lighter ones that were stored in a bin in the closet. During this process, I clean and wax the dressers, clean the walls, and freshen any accessories.

The next week I organize the closet. Rob stores his hanging clothes in another room, so this is a job I do alone. I pull out all my clothes, sort them, and get rid of all that do not fit either my body or my lifestyle. I also do this for shoes and accessories. The closet also holds my suitcase and will hold the duvet that is currently on the bed.

Week three we will work on our end tables. Over the year a lot of reading material has accumulated. We sort out the items we have read and put back only what we are currently reading. We also empty and clean out the drawers. I will clean and wax the two tables. During this week I will also clean the bed and all bed linens. The duvet will be cleaned and put away for the warm months.

The last week, I finish up anything that has not been completed.

As a reward, I will allow myself a shopping trip to purchase a few items that will replace some of those tossed. Then I will put out fresh flowers and step back and admire our work. We will enjoy the fresh fell of this space!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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