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Always Do Your Best

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Recently, I have been rereading the fourth agreement – Always Do Your Best.

I like that the book says “always do your best, no more and no less.” It reminds me that my best on some days will have a higher quality than on other days and that is OK.

If we overwork something, we may sacrifice something else. If we can do something in two hours but spend eight hours on it, then we grow tired and wont enjoy the process and our life. Doing our best shouldn’t feel like work because we should enjoy what we are doing.

If we do our best, we are going to be productive. We are going to be good to our self. Our actions are going to make us happy. Doing your best is doing something because you love to do it, not because you expect a reward. If you take an action because you have to, then you will not do your best.

You can have a lot of great ideas, but you need to also have action. Without acting on your ideas and doing your best, there will be no results and no rewards.

Live in the now. Enjoy your life. Do your best!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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