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Annual Christmas Panic

OK, it is really December and the days are speeding up for sure. I feel a combination of excitement and panic. I’m looking forward to some parties and church events. I am looking forward to enjoying my decorated home. I am enjoying the holiday foods and music. But, wow! There are a lot of things that are not done. Most of the cards have not been mailed. Some gifts still need to be purchased – still unsure of what to even get a couple of people. I still have more baking to do. The house is in some disarray because of the process of decorating. No gifts have been wrapped.


These projects are scheduled on my calendar. I am only a little behind there. I am finding though that although the date is scheduled, when that day comes, finding the hours to prioritize those tasks is not easy. However, I am working on it.


I must get back in touch with my vision of the perfect holiday. How do I make this happen? Certainly not by using up all my energy every day. How do I deal with setbacks?


Some baking may not get done. There will still be plenty. The boys’ favorite cookies will get done for sure.


The house will get back to normal once I finish the decorating. That should get done this coming weekend.


I’ll look at that friend, my calendar, and schedule a time to wrap packages to mail and another time to wrap packages for here. I’ll put on some music and sip a hot beverage. It will be fun.


I have scheduled one day away from all chores and work to spend with my hubby. All is good.


Enjoy your holidays!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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