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Attic Attack – Not Panic Attack

Some possible zones:

  1. Holiday storage

  2. Archival paperwork

  3. Furniture/accessories you are not using but plan to keep

  4. Household items used seasonally – ie. fans/humidifiers/space heaters

  5. Off season clothes

  6. Sports equipment

  7. Memorabilia like baby clothes or old toys

Now that you have a brainstorm list, make an actual plan with times on your calendar to implement your plan. You don’t have to do this all in one day. Put signs around your space designating the different zones. Then start matching up items to signs. Negotiate help from others in the family. Put frequently accessed zones nearest the entrance and storage zones to the back. Use labeled containers to hold items. Purge as you go. If something has gotten damaged or no longer looks like something you still want or love, let it go now. Free up space for the important items. When you get to that archival paper, make a date to review it and see what has been held long enough and can now be trashed or shredded. Plan a reward for yourself when this task is complete! You will feel so much lighter when this is accomplished and next year when this zone rolls around again, it will not be nearly so difficult.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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