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Bathroom Zone

If you are following along on the zone plan, this is a good month to focus on your bathrooms. I only have one small bathroom so I also include my hall outside my bathroom which includes my linen closet. One of the big jobs is cleaning out your medicine cabinet. Old pills create clutter and can be dangerous. Not only do medicines lose their effectiveness over time but they can actually be harmful. Their chemical integrity may be affected, as well as the body’s ability to break them down properly. Dispose of these items safely. If possible, take them back to the pharmacy for safe disposal. Don’t throw them in the trash or put flush them down the toilet where they go into your water supply. Clean out make-up, hair products, and lotions you haven’t used in 6 months. Check expiration dates on sunscreen. If a product is dried up or has changed consistency or color- let it go. Old razors, scissors, or any other dull or rusty item should be tossed. If you have duplicates of items, store the duplicates elsewhere and shop from there before you buy more. Only store what you use daily on the easiest accessable space. This might be in a drawer or a shelf near by. Place seasonal items (bug repellent) in the same area as your duplicates. Group like items together. All mouth and tooth care items, all hair styling supplies and products, all cosmetics, all first aid, all medicines should be together. Small baskets are great for grouping these items- especially if you have a deep shelf. If items are consistently left out and not put away- look carefully at where they are stored. If it is too difficult to get to an item, it will not be put away. Try to find a more assessable place for these items- perhaps in a basket on a shelf or the the back of the commode. Let me know your bathroom organizing tips. Post them so others can enjoy as well.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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