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Life is full of good things. Take the time to celebrate.

  1. Celebrate with your loved one – plan special days where you spend time together doing fun things. Rob and I schedule “our days” twice a month and on those days, we may go to the museum, a park, a movie, a play, or something else that we never seem to find time for with out regular day to day schedules.

  2. Celebrate friendships – a lunch or a drink together – plan times to keep the friendship alive and happy. I have a small group of women that meet once a month to talk about our wins and goals. I also love to give a couple of parties each year so that I can bring together a bunch of good friends.

  3. Celebrate birthdays – anything from a long phone call to a full out party. I feel that birth days are important and should be recognized. Some years it may be a big celebration and other years something smaller and more personal.

  4. Celebrate the completion of a project – instead of rushing on to the next thing that must be done, take a few minutes to congratulate yourself on a job well done and celebrate. Take a walk, enjoy a cup of tea, take some down time on the deck.

  5. Celebrate sunsets or sunrises – get outside with a favorite beverage and just soak up the splendor.

Sometimes when things seem the toughest, it is so wonderful to reflect on the wonderful day to day occurrences and just celebrate!

Jonda Beattie

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