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Celebrate Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day of meteorological summer in the norther hemisphere is today. One of the big celebrations is held in Stonehenge where the event is known as Midsummer’s Eve. This year from the east to the south it is possible to see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn lined-up in order of their distance from the Sun. The Moon is between Jupiter and Saturn.

In ancient China the summer solstice was the yin to the winter solstice’s yang. It symbolized the harmony of life, with the influence of yang reaching its peak and the switch to yin. It was all about finding the balance.

The solstice is celebrated around the world. It is a forerunner of life, fertility, and good harvest. Most celebrations take place outdoors. There are parades, feasts, and bonfires.

The summer solstice, the beginning of summer represents the time of fulfillment. It is an excellent time to take stock of your life and check in on how your goals for the year are going. Are you achieving what you desire for yourself and your loved ones? Are you still aligned with your goals? This is a great opportunity to reflect and make any adjustments to achieve your vision.

The summer is a great time to develop you and nurture yourself. The easier nature of summer gives us more time to make greater efforts to lose weight, refresh our house, and find more “me” time.

How will you celebrate this special day?

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Jonda S. Beattie, Professional Organizer owner of Time Space Organization, and co-owner of Release, Repurpose, Reorganize. She is based in the Metro-Atlanta area. As presenter, award-winning author, as well as a retired special education teacher she uses her listening skills, problem solving skills, knowledge of different learning techniques, ADHD specialty, and paper management skills to help clients tackle the toughest organizational issues. Jonda does hands on organizing and virtual organizing. For more of Jonda’s tips connect with her on Facebook.

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