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Celebrate the Wins!

Often at the beginning of a session when working with clients on projects, you hear comments like, “I didn’t get much accomplished.” or “Don’t get mad at me but I didn’t complete my homework.”

That’s when I always stop the client and ask, “What did you do? What are your wins? What new insights do you have?”

This completely changes the mood and the vibration of the session. As we focus on the positive, conversation becomes easier and lighter. That’s when we can appreciate that it was more important to take a half day to celebrate a birthday of a friend than to clean a pantry. That’s when we can acknowledge that after several days at work that were beyond normal it’s more important to just stop in the evening and rest rather than sort papers.

This is also the time to acknowledge that despite all that happened since the last session, one shelf of the pantry did get organized and that recycled items did get out of the house.

I’m all for setting goals that cause us to reach a bit. And I love the accountability of having scheduled meetings or sessions where we do share what we have accomplished. But life happens. Things don’t always go according to plan and that’s when we have to be flexible and realistic. Doing something different from what was on your to do list can be a real win and not a fail.

At the end of the day or week, do look over the list of things you planned on accomplishing. If important tasks did not get done, reschedule them. But then have a list of all the things you did accomplish. Celebrate those things!

If you would like some guidance and support with upcoming projects, Diane Quintana and I have a Clear Space For You clutter support group. We have really enjoyed celebrating the wins of the groups that have worked with us.

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