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Celebrate the Winter Solstice

This time of year we often find ourselves caught up in the swirl of holiday activities. During this joyous season we may find ourselves tired and depleted.

Take a few moments to recognize the winter solstice. This year that event comes on December 21. It is a time to celebrate. The shortest day is finally here! After this date, the days get longer and the nights shorter.

Throughout the ages, the winter solstice has been a time of ritual, reflection, and renewal. It is a traditional time to celebrate the most important things in your life – family, friends, your home – and to look forward to a wonderful new year.

Create your own meaningful ceremony or celebration. Take time to light a candle. Have a hot drink and reflect on your blessings. This is a celebration of rebirth as the sun grows stronger in the sky. Allow yourself to be blessed on this day.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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