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Christmas Gifts

I love to shop for Christmas gifts. I like to think about the people I am buying for and try to find something that reflects their likes and interests. I like to keep an eye all year round to find the special gift but usually really get motivated in November. I remember so many Christmases past when our extended family would gather and presents would get piled up around the tree. The quick looks at a package- the lifting to feel the heft- the poking- all heightened the anticipation of opening the gifts on Christmas morning. I love receiving the gifts as well. When I open the gifts I can tell that I have been thought of. I know that people cared enough to spend time finding what they thought would please me. I love to read, so I often got books. The books might not have been the ones I would have gone and bought myself, but I often found myself enjoying a book that I would never have chosen. I might find myself wearing and enjoying something that I would not have bought myself. You could feel the love. I love seeing the aftermath of the gift opening. Especially rewarding is seeing the children, still sitting among the strewn papers playing with a cousin a new game. Gift cards are great for some people- but for me- I love a gift. I would love to hear what others feel about holiday gifts.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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