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Christmas strategy

Christmas is coming closer. We look at the calendar with a mixture of anticipation and fear. We look forward to seeing our grown children return home or visiting our family. We look forward to the favorite holiday rituals. We panic over the things that have not yet happened. The cards to family are not yet mailed. When is the last date I can safely mail these packages? The gifts I ordered to be shipped overseas had to be back ordered and now I get an email that one of the items has been discontinued. When am I going to get the cookie baking done that I had scheduled for last week but couldn’t get to? Breathe. Remember your vision for the perfect holiday. Close your eyes and visualize what it will look and feel like. Now, come up with a plan for the setbacks. Put the cards not yet finished in a cloth bag, carry them with you, and work on them today and this weekend when waiting or when there is a few free moments. Set aside time on Sunday for wrapping those gifts that you have and prepare them to mail Monday. Breathe. Look at the calendar again and find another time to bake. Follow up on the unarrived gifts and send an email to Scotland explaining the problem. After all, your gift is not their only Christmas. The children will have lots of gifts and yours coming later will just be fine. Breathe. Take the time to see your friends and enjoy your mostly decorated home. (Finish decorating Saturday evening and put the boxes away.) Breathe. Enjoy your holidays!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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