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Clean out your closet week

The third week in March is “Clean out your closet” week. (The first week in March was National Procrastination week- but I put off too long to talk about that.) Since this month, my zone is the living room I am going to clean out my living room coat closet. One of the things that bugs me the most is the way the shelf looks. I also don’t like the way my overnight/carry on bags are stored or the backpack on the floor. The box on the floor does not look great either but that is the box the cats retreat to when they want to hide or sulk so it will have to stay. I would like my closet to look neat and well…..organized. I want to feel that all items are at my fingertips and not crowded. My closet is used to store outerwear– coats, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves; emergency equipment- a flashlight and my grab and go bag; geocaching materials – the backpack, the walking stick, and GPS; keys- for neighbors and for locked windows; bags- both the 2 good cloth ones I use for travel, a net one for sending items home with friends, and some good paper bags with handles; the cat hiding box; and wrapping paper/ribbon.. I feel that all of these items make sense in this closet and will stay. Saturday, I plan to take all the items out of the closet, sort like items with like items, and wash the interior of the closet. I plan to look for containers for some of the items on the shelf and perhaps a hook for the backpack. I plan to complete this small project in one day. As with any organizing project- I have gone through my motivation, my vision, my brainstorm list, my end goal, and the implementation steps. My maintenance on this closet is yearly- when I do my living room zone. What closet will you tackle this week?

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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