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Clear Clutter in 10 Minute Bites

As I walk through my home, I notice the duvet that has come back from the drycleaners lying across the bed in the spare bedroom. It has been in that location for almost 2 weeks. I see a pair of shorts laid out in the bedroom waiting to have a button sewed back on (note to self, lose weight). There is also a knob that needs repair on a dresser and in the bathroom the tilting wand that came off the venetian blind this morning. When I reach into the gadget drawer looking for the peeler, I notice it is a scrambled mess.

The accumulation of all of this clutter is causing me stress. And here is the ridiculous thing. Any one of the above tasks can be taken care of in 10 minutes or less. All I have to do is pull down the bag that holds the duvet, roll it up, stuff it in, and put it back away. Bam! Done. Grab those shorts and my sewing kit and put that button back on. Done! Get a new screw and a couple of washers and reattach that knob. Done! Reach up and put that tilting rod back on – probably one to two minutes. Done! Grab the items out of the gadget drawer, give it a quick wipe, and rearrange the items. Done!

My intention is to get all of these small projects done today. I am going to feel so much better.

Walk around your house. What do you see that can be taken care of in 10 minutes or less? Maybe clear out the magazine basket? Straighten up the shoe rack by the door? Fold the clothes and put them away?

Pick one. Do it. Trust me you will feel so good.

I would love to hear what 10-minute task you took care of today!

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