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Clear the Clutter from Your Desk – Action Files

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So what’s a poor working girl (or guy) going to do?

Set up desktop or action files.

What files do I need to set up?

That depends on what is lurking on your desk.

  1. If you have bills to pay or enter, set up a file that says “pay” or “enter.”

  2. If you have papers to file, set up a file that says “file.”

  3. If you have notes about making calls, set up a file that says “call.”

  4. If you have unfinished projects lying about, set up a file saying “projects.”

You get the idea. The file names entirely depend on what is lurking on your desk. If you can’t keep stuff from accumulating during the day, at least make a clean sweep of your desk at the end of the day so that you start each fresh new day with a clean desk.

The only tricky part is to remember to visit those folders on a regularly scheduled basis and take care of the tasks that you have tucked away.

Now you will not dread coming into your office in the mornings with your cup of coffee to start your day!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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