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Closet Spring Fling

Here in Georgia the weather keeps teasing us. We will have a week of beautiful spring weather only to have a storm front come through and we are back to sweaters and layering. But we know that spring really is coming and now is a wonderful time to declutter and organize the closet.

Closets can usually be divided into three types: walk-in, reach-in, and wardrobe. Whatever the size of the closet, the first step is to develop your vision of how the closet is to look, what the function of the closet is to be, and how you want to feel when you look into that closet.

Look at your closet now. What do you like and what do you want to change? What is lurking on the top shelves and back in the corner on the floor?

For the reach-in and wardrobe type closet, take everything out and see what you have. For the walk-in you may want to handle one wall at a time so as not to get overwhelmed.

What non-clothing items are stored in this closed? Do you store gifts or gift wrap? Do you store games, extra linens, first aid kits, or memorabilia? Is this really the best place to store those items? If it is, then set aside a designated area for each category, containerize it, and label it. As you re-house those items purge anything that is no longer needed or in damaged shape. Ditch the ratty bits of wrapping paper or ribbons as well as games with missing pieces.

Group together your accessories. How many handbags, hats, and shoes do you want to keep? Toss any that no longer suit you or are no longer attractive. Determine where in your closet to store these items. As you put your purses back on that one shelf and they are so tight you know if you pull one out, others will fall, go back and look again. Can you get rid of one more so that the ones you love the best are a lot easier to access?

Look at your clothes. Do you have another space to store your off-season items? If all seasons must go back into the closet, then put the off-season items the farthest from the door. Before replacing your off-season items make sure that they are clean, without holes, and ones you will want to wear next year. The less you hang on your rods in the closet, the easier it will be to find what you really want.

Now, take the items that are for this season. Do you still love all these items? If the answer is yes, then place the items back in the closet. I prefer to hang all pants together, sleeveless tops, long sleeve tops, jackets, dresses by type. Some people prefer to hang outfits together. Do what works best for you to easily get ready in the mornings. When putting these clothes on hangers back in the closet, hang the hangers facing the wrong way. The first time you wear an outfit, turn the hanger around. At the end of the season if you still have some backward hangers, you know you did not wear that item.

Step back and admire your uncluttered closet! How much easier it will be to find what you want to wear. Maybe you have even cleared enough space that you can indulge yourself and buy a new spring outfit!

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