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Clutter and Your Peace of Mind

We really stop seeing things that we gaze at day after day. But they are there and they will impact our thoughts and peace of mind.

I have recently started working with Wendy Watkins, CPCC, PCC’s ( in a coaching program. Part of this personalized program is centered on my business and part of it is centered on increasing my joy factor. One thing I have been working on is increasing my awareness of my surroundings (not always with great success- according to my husband who washed and vacuumed my car and I did not even notice). But, imagine my despair when I looked into my medicine cabinet this morning and saw the mug that is in the picture. I have been looking at that same mug every day for years. What has it been saying to me over and over again? What does the stack of paperwork that needs attention and is sitting on my desk say to me? What does the stack of unread books say?

Simply removing items that give negative vibes, moving items that we love so that we really “see” them again, pulling out treasures we have hidden away, repairing or disposing of broken items, all make a big difference in the feel of our space. Organizing and cleaning is a very inexpensive way to remove bad feelings and introduce the feeling of calmness and peace.

We can give the old things to others to enjoy and open up space for newness to come into our home. Making our space uncluttered lets our energy flow freely. Develop your vision of how you want your home to look and feel and then make your space reflect that vision.

Now let the calm and joy enter your home and heart.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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