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Conference Recap: Unlocking the Secrets to Teens

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

One of our sessions let by David L. Marcus was a powerful insight into how parents sometimes (usually?) push their dreams and expectations onto their children. The vision of the parent is not always the vision of the child. The skill set of the parents is not always the skill set of the child. The learning style of the parent is not always the learning style of the child. You get the picture.

Dave advises parents to “help your children find their hidden talents,” and “teach your children to be independent.” He has learned much of this not only through research but also by becoming aware of the talents (much different from his own) of his son.

Here are some pointers for success at home:

  1. Need constant structure

  2. Both parents need to be on the same page

  3. Help your teen find a passion, even if it changes

  4. Emphasize the “soft” skills, like leadership

  5. Help your teen learn to socialize

  6. teens need mentor who is not a parent, and they need to mentor others

  7. Get them professional treatment for anxiety, depression and other disorders

  8. Talk openly about mental health

  9. Disorganized teens often become more organized when they guide others

As a special education teacher for many years, and the parent of two sons, I can certainly get on board with Mr. Marcus!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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