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Continual Downsizing

When we think of downsizing, we usually think of a move where our living space is smaller. I have done that once and it felt so good to move away from so many things that were weighing me down and taking up my time. Since that time I continually downsize. I reorganize and maintain my home by dividing it into zones and working on one zone a month. This month the zone is my living room. I have a rather large bookcase in that zone. Every year I take out all of those books, dust them off, clean the bookcase, and put back the “keeper” books. Any book that I no longer love or will need as a reference I give away. This opens up breathing space in my bookcase. I can choose to leave that space open or put something else in it’s space. I often like to leave a space for a while to open up the possibilities of something new coming into my life. Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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