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Defining Room Zones

When you are organizing a room or area, it helps to divide the area into zones. First make a list of all the things that are done or stored in that area. Then mark off an area for that activity zone and place all appropriate items into that zone area. Resist putting items somewhere just because they “fit.” In my workshop I have zones for gardening, painting, entertaining, sports, home repair, recycling. I try to place my zones so that the ones I use the most are near the door. The gardening/yard zone is the first zone on the left. I use items from this zone weekly and it is my largest zone. Some large items are on the floor like the lawn mower and wheel barrow. I try to keep all other items either hanging or on shelves. The painting zone is on the left but far back into the corner. I may only go to this zone once a year. Straight back on the back wall is my entertainment zone. I use this area two or three times a year. The croquet set is next to the entertainment zone and my bike is leaning up against the work bench on the right wall. (my sports zone- not very sporty) On the right, nearest the door is the electronic recycling zone. I will go to this area about every week as I pick up recyclables from my clients. Just beyond that on the work bench is my home repair zone. I have my basic tools there and underneath the bench is wood. I will also place items here that need repair. This same zone plan idea will work for any room. Just think of all the activities that happen in the room and lay out your zones. Then keep what you need for those activities in the zone. This helps you know where items belong and makes it easier to put items away.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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