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How Much is Enough?

If only I had more (time, energy, money) I could (fill in the blank). Almost all of us have wistfully (or angrily) said that at some time or another.

Each person is unique. We all have our own stories. But wherever we are right now in our story, we have a finite amount of time, energy, and money. How we use these resources is what matters. Keeping a balance in our lives is important. Knowing what is enough for us and being content when we reach that is powerful.

Everyone has the same amount of time each day. How we spend it is up to us. Is it more important to organize the storage space or go to the movies with our best friend? Mindful consideration of how we balance our time so that we feel content and in control is key to our happiness.

Our energy level may depend on our physical and mental health and how we take care of our bodies. Do we consciously care for our bodies (food, water, sleep, exercise) in order to keep our energy level optimum?

Wherever we are right now with that energy, how we use it is important. Do we use the peak levels of our day working on an important project or do we scroll through social media? Do we check in regularly throughout the day to see what is going on?

Check in with how you use your money. Do you spend money each month to store items you no longer need? Do you habitually pick up a gourmet cup of coffee without even savoring it? Do you enjoy the rush you get when you find something on sale, only to come home and not even know where to store it? We need a certain amount of money to feel safe and comfortable so be intentional in how you spend it.

Start your days with gratitude for the time, energy, and money that you do have and then set a plan for how to intentionally use these gifts to give you peace and joy.

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