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Disaster Preparedness with Pets

There has been so much in the news lately about fires, floods, and tornadoes. Sometimes families have only minutes to evacuate.

We hear a lot about emergency preparedness but sometimes we forget about preparing for our pets. In the back of our mind we may think we’ll just scoop them up and go. But as you are putting together your family kit, consider these items for your pets.

  1. Food and water for at least 5 days along with bowls

  2. Any medicines plus the latest vet records that show vaccinations along with the vet’s phone number

  3. Cat litter, travel litter box, scoop, and garbage bags for waste

  4. Leashes, harnesses, and carriers

  5. Collars with identification

  6. Blankets or towels

  7. Current pictures of the pets in case they do escape

  8. Newspapers, paper towels, grooming items, and even a toy

This list came from Visit their site for even more information and comments. In this household, pets are like family and if it is not safe out there for you, then it is not safe for our pets.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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