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Even a Closet Needs an Out Basket

Closet clutter is often a case of clothes coming in but not going out.

You look into your closet and declare, “I don’t have anything to wear!”, yet your closet is bursting to the seams. So much jamming in of clothes makes it impossible to find and coordinate outfits.

If this shoe fits (what a terrible pun!), then follow these tips for a closet that makes it easy to get dressed for an outing.

Pull out your clothes. If your closet is really large, do this by sections.

Sort your clothes by type – tops, long and short sleeve; pants; skirts; dresses; vests/sweaters; or dressy; casual; sports. This is not rocket science, so don’t get caught up in a “Should this 3/4 sleeve blouse have its own category?” question.

Go though each stack and get rid of:

  1. not the right size

  2. out of style

  3. makes you feel ugly/old/fat

  4. needs repair

  5. has spots that won’t come out

  6. won’t match up with anything else you own

All of these items go into your out basket.

You might also pull out of season clothing that you are keeping and store them in a guest bedroom closet.

Now you are ready to return the clothes you are keeping to your closet.

Hang them up by type. What categories you come up with is entirely up to you and what helps you with putting together outfits.

Some possible categories are:

  1. Tops, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses

  2. Work, casual, dressy, sports

  3. Frequently worn, special occasion only

  4. Color (usually a sub category)

Reward yourself by buying some (no, not new clothes!) nice hangers that will make your closet even more attractive and workable.


Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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