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Everyone loves a party!

I love parties! I love to go to parties and I love to give parties. While putting on a party is a lot of fun it does take planning and organization. I have one party that I give every year in July. Each year I have a theme to the party. I start thinking about the party months in advance. I think about different themes that might be fun. Then about a month before the party I put out a timeline for myself so that I am able to relax that all will get done in a timely fashion with no panic. I brainstorm and think of all the things that need doing. I make my list and then I assign dates to do each of the items on the list. Some examples of what might be on my list are: 1) Make a guest list- June 4; 2) Make invitations-design June 5, print June 6. 3) Mail invitations-June 8 (OK now I am committed); 4) Serious yard work- June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 2; 5) Paint lawn furniture and clean teak furniture- June 7 and 14; 6) Put up tent- July 1. You get the idea- other groups of tasks on the list would include planning, preparing food/beverages, cleaning house, setting up on the day of the party, getting material to go with the party theme and more. This year’s theme-“Everyone has a story to tell”. I am really looking forward to it!

. Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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