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February: Time Management Month

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

One way to work on time management is to take note of what is gobbling up your time during the day.

Emails? – Set certain times to check your emails and turn off any alerts.

Procrastinating? – Break projects into small parts and only push yourself to do one piece of the project at a time.

Unwanted calls? – Check out

Work slow down? – Take breaks. Sometimes it feels like you are moving underwater because you have worked on a project until you are cross-eyed.

Too much pencil sharpening? – Each morning set your priorities. Pick out the big 3 you want to accomplish and block out times to work on those 3. Let the other small tasks fit in where they can.

Can’t find things? – Whenever you complete a task put items away. If you are working on a project and don’t complete it in one session, use project bins so that you can find everything related to that project the next time you work on it. Make certain that everything in your work area has a place where it calls home.

Projects taking too long to complete? – Abandon perfection and embrace effectiveness. Know when to stop.

Above, all know that the calendar is your friend. When you plan any of your activities, write it on the calendar. Not just the time it has to be accomplished, but also block out the prep time or travel time, the time of the activity, and the clean up time. a 30 minute meeting might need a one and a half hour block of time.

Be realistic with your time expectations. And at the end of any big projects or at the end of the day, reward yourself for a job well done.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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