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Finding Your Tribe

I speak for myself, but I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a group of friends that are there for you when things get rough. Close friends that will support you and hold a space for you. They are your sounding board and cheering section. They plant seeds of hope and ideas for wonderful things to come. When you find your group you hear yourself say, “These are my people!”

A tribe both gives and takes so there needs to be a balance with the understanding that at different times there may be a bit of unbalance as one of the tribe needs more attention. While thriving in your group you want to have fun and do things together. You want to share celebrations. This is how to really get to know each other. When you are a part of a tribe you show up for other members and speak up when you need them to show up for you.

You can have more than one tribe. When you join up with a group and you know that feeling of belonging and know that the group will give you joy and a sense of purpose you know that this is also your tribe. My tribes include my closest friends, my spiritual group, and my professional groups. All these groups feed me and make me happy and whole.

Having said all of this, I have to say I am really looking forward to meeting up again in person with my ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) group at the conference in a few days. What fun to hug, laugh with, and catch up with everyone while at the same time we share learning and innovative ideas. What a great tribe!

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