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Getting Help

I am a great believer in knowing your strengths and weaknesses and using your strengths to your advantage and getting help with those weaknesses. I am also a great believer in having a team of people who will help you be the best you can be for your clients. You see a picture of my tech helper, Nate Tate. He was here this evening and is scheduled to show up once or twice a month to help me with tasks on my computer that would either frustrate me, take waaay to much of my time, or that I just plain don’t know how to do. Tonight he put a link on Facebook so that people could sign up for my newsletter (full of tips and ideas). He also read the directions I received on a possible recall for my battery (could overheat and pose a fire and burn hazard- yuck!). He never knows when he shows up what tasks I have for him but he always comes up with answers. I also use a graphic designer, Brenda Sanders of Sanders Designs, for logo help, ads, and now graphics for my book. Then I also have a web master, Kelley Barbar of WebWeavers and I have used Jackie Goldstein of Creative Direction for branding, Brian Hilliard of Agito Consulting for marketing, and Wendy Watkins of Passion Fruit for business coaching. I use Judith Kolberg for a book coach and Sue Clements for proofing. I also have a Goals Group that meets once a month to support each other on our projects and goals. I love all the great ideas and support I get from this team and it frees me up to work more with clients. I feel that we should all look for that help we need so that we can use our talents to help others.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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