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Grab and Go Bag

One never knows when a disaster might strike at home. Often it is very sudden and you only have minutes to get out. For my peace of mind I put together a Grab and Go Bag. I used the guide from Judith Kolberg’s Organize for Disaster: Prepare Your Family and Home for any Natural or Unnatural Disaster. While this took me a while to assemble, I sleep better nights knowing it is ready. Some items in the kit have to do with safety and communication. I have a radio, flashlight with extra batteries, and a first aid kit. Very nearby is my purse, which will have my cellphone and charge cards. Some items in the kit allow me to be able to survive outside for a while. I have food, a can opener, water, matches, blanket, plastic bags, plastic drop sheet, a Dopp kit, tissues, and pen knife. I also have one change of clothes, extra shoes, extra eye glasses, extra sets of keys, a small pad and pencil. Inside the bag is also a folder holding essential documents, information, and cash. Part of the essential information in the folder are names/phone numbers/email address/account numbers of my banks, financial institution, insurance, an appraiser, utilities, Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Pharmacy, and credit cards. I also have a copy of my driver’s license, social security card, and credit cards along with my original passport. I also have copies of my password and user code for my accounts, security system, bank, etc. It is also good to have copies of your last income tax papers (first 2 pages), deeds, titles, loan information, stock and bond certificates, vehicle titles and registrations, will, living will, power of attorney, marriage certificate or divorce decree. I also have cash in this folder. You might want to put together a second bag for pets with their vet/shot information, extra collars and leads, food and water, a pet dish, blanket, a toy. I put together my kit several years ago so maintenance at least once a year is a good idea. Old food and water should be rotated out. Information should be read over to see if there are any changes. For example, I bought a new car this year so the key and title had to be changed in the bag. Having a sleeping bag in the same closet would also be a good idea. I would be interested in hearing what unique items would you put in your Grab and Go Bag.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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