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Ho! Ho! Ho! Tis the Season for Gift Giving

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

It’s fun to receive gifts. I think it is even more fun to give gifts. But, let’s give this whole gift giving a bit of thought.

When we decide to give a gift consider:

  1. Do they really want it?

  2. Will it clutter up their space?

  3. Do they have a designated place to put it away when not in use?

  4. Does it require upkeep or maintenance?

  5. Will they use it?

Let me explore this from a recipient’s point of view. I love to give parties. People know this and it is great that they think enough about me to acknowledge this. But I have received at least 6 sets of decorative cheese spreaders and some novelty items that really don’t work for me. I like cats. But I have received boatloads of kitty figurines, picture frames, plaques, etc. Now, I do not have a problem passing these on to a charitable donation site but some people do.

I have worked with clients who have kept things just because they were gifts even though they do not like or use the items. These clients are limited on space and the gifts become clutter.

Consumable items are usually a good choice – but know the recipient’s likes and habits. I have one client who gets a case of cherry preserves each year. She lives alone. She rarely uses preserves. Cases have stacked up. She has a limited space. I have finally convinced her to pass these items on before they expire.

Gift cards can be a good choice. But I have come across many gift cards that have not been used. They are years old. Some people don’t know how to shop online and use an Amazon gift card or they don’t want to bother. Others just forget they have them or don’t shop at the places where the cards are intended.

Perhaps the best gift is a gift of your time. Still, know the person and what they would like to do with that time. Time is precious.

As you finish up your shopping this year, just give it some thought.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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