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Holiday Cards – Enjoy!

Although the electronic age is beginning to replace paper cards, I just can’t embrace that for myself. I love cards. I love birthday cards, valentine cards, mother’s day cards, just for no reason cards, and especially holiday cards. I love to open them, read them, and display them.

Because I love to receive cards, I am very good about sending them. Now, during the frantic holidaze season, this can be a chore. And because I have clients, I send out two sets of cards. One set goes to faithful clients. These hold a little gift. Another set goes to friends and family.

Over the years I have developed a little ritual. First, I schedule the times on my calendar. I usually do this in four or five sessions. Then, I gather all of my supplies. This includes my cards (usually two sets – client and other), holiday stamps, holiday return address labels, and a couple of pens. I put these supplies in a basket that I pull out when actually doing the task. When the scheduled time arrives, I fix a nice hot beverage, add a couple of holiday cookies, put on some music and set myself to the task.

The cards that go to people I see regularly only get a sentence or two. The cards that go out to people that I only contact during this time of year get a paragraph. I take my time and really envision these friends and family. Then, on a scheduled day, I take them all to the post office and mail them. It makes me feel close to all that I send to.

Enjoy your holiday season and I hope you receive lots of cards.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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